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A Collection of Ethnic and Favorites

Mamma Sandy Recipes are a chosen collection of ethnic and favorite, mouth-watering recipes that work for everyday cooking and baking. The recipes include over 50 years of European family/friends hand downs, hard to find and straight from the source. Most recipes are quick, easy and delicious. The ingredients in this collection are the key to the fantastic taste!

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This Recipe Book Contains 138 Pages
Not only will you see a great assortment, but you will also see a variation on
 some recipes like the Donuts, Crepes, Stuffed Cabbage and Pirogues!

 Contents - Section I - Mamma Sandy's

Description & Page

Description & Page

Welcome to Mamma/Sandy Recipes 1

Hunza Diet Bread 34

Acorn Squash Barbecue and Any Squash 3

Hunza Diet Bread - Suggestions to Lose Weight 35

Apple Bread 4

Jello Squares 36

Apple Pie (Mamma's) 5

Kolach Ukrainian Braided Bread 37

Apple Pie (Old Country) & Strudel Cake 6

Liver Salad 38

Apricot Crescent Cookies 7

Marinated Chicken Wings - Chicken Gravy 39

Banana Bread 8

Meatballs 40

Beef Stew 9

Microwave Fish 41

Beet Soup (Borsht, Borshch) 10

Mundle Bread 42

Blueberry Muffins 11

Noodle Kugen 43

Bread & Butter Pickles 12

Old-Fashioned Coconut Cake 44

Bread - Challah 13

Paska (Ukrainian Easter Bread)  dough for Easter Bread, Punchiki, Coffee Cake or Apple Strudel Cake  45

Broccoli with Mushrooms 14

Broccoli Supreme 15

Pirogues 46

Carrots - Glazed 16

Polynesian Cake 47

Cheesecake Crumb Crust 17

Potato Pancakes & Potato Kugen 48

Cheesecake Filling 18

Potato - Parsley Potatoes 49

Chicken Kyiv 19

Rice Krispy Treats 50

Chicken Soup 20

Sally's Sauce with Seashells & Sausage 51

Chocolate Fudge (Microwaved) 21

Sandy's Tomato Sauce - Broiled Sausages 52

Coffee Frosting (Mamma's) 22

Sauerkraut Meals 53

Corn Bread 23

Scalloped Potatoes 54

Corn Chowder 24

Smoked Shoulder 55

Cornish Hens for Cookout 25

Snowball Cookies 56

Crepe - Nalisniki 1 26

Spinach (Flaky) Cheese Rounds 57

Crepe - Nalysnyky 2 27

Stuffed Cabbage 58

Crumble for Coffee Cake 28

Stuffed Mushrooms Caps 59

Eggplant Fried - Eggplant Lasagna 29

Stuffing for Chicken or Turkey 60

Gingerbread Cookies 30

Tabouli Salad 61

Green Beans with Almonds or My Green Beans 31

WOK Chop Suey (Pork or Chicken) 62
Zucchini Dish - Zucchini Barbecue 63

Hamburger - Kotleties 32

Zucchini Bread 64

Hamburger Pie 33


 Contents - Section II - Purely Ethnic
 Appetizers & Canapes
 Beet Relish and
 Chicken Liver Spread (2 recipes)
 Dill Pickles
 Feet In Aspic Cold Jellied Meal
 Fresh Mushrooms in Sour Cream
 Ham and Egg Rolls,
 Mustard Butter,
 Onion-Chive Butter  (3 recipes)
 Pickled Mushrooms
 Pork Plate
 Puree of Anchovies,
 Spring Cottage Cheese Spread (2 recipes)
 Breads, Noodles, Dumplings
 Beaten Noodles for Soups,
 Croutons (2 recipes)
 Egg Drops for Soup, Egg Noodles (2 recipes)
 Little Noodle Ears
 Potato Dumplings, Croquettes
 Pyrogy (Pierogi)
 Yeast Pyrogy (Pierogi)
 Thick Pancakes
 Thin Pancakes
 Yeast Finger Roll
 Buttered Horns
 Chocolate Torte
 Cream Cheese Cookies
 Honey Cookies
 Mazurkas (cake roll), Royal Mazurkas (2 recipes)
 Mazurkas (cake roll) with Fruit and Nut Topping
 Walnut Torte
 Beef Pot Roast
 Beef Slices with Sour Cream and Mushrooms
 Duck with Red Cabbage
 Hussar Roast
 Roast Leg of Lamb, Roast Loin of Pork
 Smothered Pigeons
 Pork Pot Roast
 Potted Pheasant
 Sauerkraut with Pork
 Smothered Stuffed Chicken
 Cabbage Rolls (Stuffed Cabbage)
 Cabbage Rolls with Mushroom Sauce
 Stuffed Cabbage
 Wild Duck, Goose or Partridge
 Bread Kvas, Beet Kvas (2 recipes)
 Rye Flour Kvas
 Mushroom Soup
 Barley Soup
 Sauerkraut Soup
 Fish Broth
 Meat Broth
 Beet Soup (Borsch) with Meat
 Volhynian Beet Soup
 Vegetable, Salads & Sauces
 Cold Horseradish Sauce, Cucumber Sour Cream
 (2 recipes)
 Green Onion Sauce, Mushroom Sauce (2 recipes)
 Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut With Carrots and Apples
 Sour Cream Sauce, Stuffed Tomatoes (2 recipes)
 Contents - Section III - 12 Course Christmas Eve Dinner
 14 Recipes Description
 Cover Mamma Sandy Recipes Ukrainian Christmas Food
 (1 recipe) Beets with Mushrooms
 (2 recipes) Borsch (Meatless Beet Soup) & Baked or Fried Fish
 (1 recipe) Compote (a fruit dish)
 (1 recipe) Cooked Beans
 (2 recipes) Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls) Rice and Buckwheat Filling
 (1 recipe) Kapusta (Sauerkraut mixture) and Peas
 (1 recipe) Kutya (Wheat with Poppy Seed)
 (1 recipe) Oseledsi (Pickled Fish)
 (1 recipe) Pampushky (Donuts with no hole)
 (3 recipes) Varenyky (Pyrogies) with Potato, Sauerkraut, or Prune Filling

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