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Policy - Terms - Legal

Mamma Sandy Recipes,, Mamma Sandy, we, us, our, I, etc., and Oksana Studios pertain to Mamma Sandy Recipes. You, your, you're pertain to the user of this website and/or the purchaser of Mamma Sandy Recipes Book/eBook.

Mamma Sandy Recipes website, it's contents including images and product (book/eBook) are a copyright and trademark of Mamma Sandy Recipes eBook and You must have a zip/unzip program for files that require it and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer so that you can download and save Mamma Sandy Recipes. All downloads are provided to you on the download page you get after your payment. Also see Download Details to install both programs now. You cannot sell it without Mamma Sandy Recipes (Mamma Sandy) written permission sent in USPS mail. You cannot copy/paste our images without our written permission. Currently, we do not give permission to resell Mamma Sandy Recipes. However, it may be possible in the future to become an affiliate. When this happens, the policy on this page will be revised.

This book/ebook is sent to you in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

You may not give Mamma Sandy Recipes book/ebook away for free. You may not copy nor change any recipes in any way to create your own recipes for publish. You may not publish the recipes nor the contents of the recipes on your website or someone else's website.

If you would like to advertise Mamma Sandy Recipes on your website contact Mamma Sandy Recipes and I will give you the details for the Ad and how much you will earn.

Once you purchase Mamma Sandy Recipes eBook, it is your single ownership of the recipes. There are no refunds as this eBook is informational and can easily be saved/stored/printed from you computer. The product is provided, as is, without warrantee of the product or your use of the product. Mamma Sandy Recipes offered gifts are without Mamma Sandy Recipes warrantee or guarantee as the gifts are from other companies. All products offered on this site is solely your undertaking. Your use of the products is your liability that may include incidental or consequential damage due to your use or misuse and Mamma Sandy Recipes cannot be held responsible. Mamma Sandy Recipes will honor replacement of products offered for a period of 30 days should the buyer loose any downloaded products pertaining to Mamma Sandy Recipes. It would be wise for you to store the downloads to a zip disk or CD ROM.

Mamma Sandy Recipes may include FREE gifts and/or offers to buy other software or eBooks at a discount from time to time. Gifts (free and discounted) may be changed or removed at any time. Any gifts you receive, you must comply with that gift's policy or instructions that may be presented in a readme file and/or instructions that are included on that gift page. Mamma Sandy Recipes is not held responsible for your use or misuse and you are totally liable.

We are not responsible for your protection online when you are in and use Mamma Sandy Recipes website with all it's files or downloading to your computer. We have contracted a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider. Occasionally, interference of a sort to the hosting server may occur due to failure of equipment, electric power, weather conditions, etc.  We do not maintain any equipment related to that except our computers which rely to the mentioned server.  We are not a computer server. We do have an antivirus protection for the computers we use incase a bug is unknowingly retrieved from the net. We suggest that you do the same. There are many hackers who would love to hack info from your PC or inflict a virus. You should install an antivirus and firewall software programs on your PC.

Mamma Sandy Recipes reserves the right to add to or change this policy at any time.

Should Mamma Sandy Recipes Policy be violated by you if you sell or give away free copies of the recipes, you will be reported to the proper authority and be liable for a lawsuit. You agree that all fees will be paid by you.

Your payment for Mamma Sandy Recipes eBook means that you accept the statements on this page.


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