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Mamma Sandy Recipes is a downloadable file. Once saved to your computer, it will always be there for you to print the entire book or just one recipe page at a time. If you should get get it stained, all you have to do is print it again!
You must have an unzip/zip program and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read PDF files.
In order for you to receive Mamma Sandy Recipes, you need to download the below files to your computer. Downloading and installing is very easy. Just follow the software directions


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Adobe Portable Document Format

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Installation of Winzip and Acrobat Reader
Installing is very simple. Once you click install, it will automatically install just like any software program. All you have to do if follow directions.

Downloading a PDF
Create a Directory on your Computer, for instance on your C:\ drive. Bring up "My Computer\Drive C:\"
Click File/New/Folder and name the folder for your PDF file (you can name it "PDF Files" if you want). You can also create a folder under PDF Files called "Recipes."
If this is the case, your hard drive should look like this: C:\PDF Files\Recipes\mammasandyrecipes.pdf.
Click on the PDF file. A window will open. Then save the PDF file to that folder you created.

If the PDF file is loaded in your browser or if Acrobat Reader picks it up, all you have to do is click "Save a Copy"
within the Acrobat Reader.
Do NOT use "File/Save Page As" from your browser! If you do, Adobe Acrobat Reader cannot read it!